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My infographic is ‘How to help save the Planet’ and includes 10 easy steps that everyone can follow to help the longevity of the planet. My communication objective was all about listing 10 steps in a way that is easily understood, using symbolic representations to instantly get the message, along with a little bit of text to fit with each picture. I found it really tricky limiting myself to a little amount of text, I therefore tried to make the captions as simple and straight forward as possible.

I wanted my infographic to have an organic look and feel about it, so I used a font which looks like it could’ve been handwritten and made my images look like hand done sketches. My background colours are earthy tones as they are the sorts of colours we associate earth, nature and sustainability with. My layout, colour, images and text were what I found to be the best components for communicating a clear message.

From what I had learnt in class about Illustrator, I think the tool that became the most handy was the pen tool; I found the pen tool to be great for outlining an image accurately. I feel that my images are all consistent, precise representations of what they should be. I also found the eyedropper tool to be great for getting colours accurate in each image, as using a real photo is as accurate as you can get. As I wanted my infographic to have an organic feel I felt my images were best represented without any shading, 3D look or textures.

In class we also learnt about layout, typography, semiotics and other useful tools to make a great infographic. I looked at various layouts, and used different aspects of different ones to produce my own. I liked having the title by itself, with the images and text together going horizontally down the page. I wanted both lines of images in the middle so that the text appeared on each side and in result could be as far from each other as possible. In terms of typography I made the title rounded but kept the rest of the text very simple and then of course the handwritten looking font. With semiotic side of my infographic my biggest task was to make sure each visual was easily understood. I used basic outlines and block colours so that they could be easily interpreted.

In relation to the A8 I wanted to make sure I wasn’t using anything that wasn’t represented in the A4, therefore I kept with the same font, title layout, image and colours.

I really enjoyed this assignment, as my topic choice was something I am very passionate about. If I was to do anything different or to try this all again I think I would look at doing it landscape, maybe it would make the text look like less. I guess what I learnt is that A4 is a lot smaller than you think!

Progress #5

This is my final progress report. I am unsure about background colours, however I am playing around with this colour as I want something pleasing on the eye and quite light. I still need to play around with the layout, background colours, fonts, as well as adding in a little bit of text about each step. I want my infograhic to represent a sketchy sort of look, which is why I have chosen this particular font.



Hey! You have some interesting and array of topics to pick from! If you haven’t decided on one yet then I think it would be cool to do how to wash a car or how to make a cocktail, as I feel like they would be very visually pleasing. If you’re still unsure about what to do then google is really good for finding a topic, here’s a link Good luck! 🙂

Hey! The smoothie looks delicious! Will have to try it sometime. I think that the thumbnail on the right is better, as I like the blender as a main feature of your infographic with the ingredients around it. I do like how in the left thumbnail you have the ingredients in the blender. You could still do that in the right thumbnail? Goodluck with the rest of your assignment, I am sure it will turn out great with whatever you decide on! 🙂

Hey, you have a nice array of topics to pick from! I really like either T2 Teas or How To Vanquish Voldemort.I think visually you could have a lot of fun with How To Vanquish Voldemort, as I can imagine it looking sort of like a comic book style layout. I think it would be worth researching comic book style typography etc. For example ‘Avada Kerdava’ In comic book typography. Just an idea anyway! I’m sure whatever you decide will turn out great. Good luck! 🙂

 Hey, nice work! I really like your 6th one because I think that the graduation cap and the plane in the ‘A’ really fit with the theme of education and studying abroad. I think that font works really well too. The only thing I could suggest would be playing around with different fonts and adjusting the ‘A’ (by this I mean seeing what it looks all leveled). I also think the orange goes really well, so it could be nice to incorporate the orange somewhere else in the image such as the graduation string. Good luck! I’m sure whatever you decide will look great! 🙂

Nice work Tom, its looking really great! Loving the font choice, suits your topic a lot and like you said it works well with the artistic nature of your ‘How to’. I think that your background colour should be some sort of earthy tone, such as green or brown. They are the sort of colours that spring to mind when I think about dinosaurs. I’m sure whatever you decide on will look great anyway!

Progress #4

I decided that the layout that I originally decided on did not look right. I played around and decided to take out the hands and instead just have the images. This is where I am currently at in terms of my progress. I still need to draw out two more images to make 10 steps and then add in my copy

Progress #3

Unfortunately I’m not as far along as I would like to be! I ended up changing the hand position to a cup look as feel it is a better representation of hands than my original design. From here I will need to put pictures in each circle relevant to the how to help save the planet tasks that I am discussing and then start working with different fonts, as well as inserting brief descriptions about each task

infograph progress