Communication Objectives

With my article I plan to capture the idea of dance as an expression for commemorating historic events, specifically war. I plan to have a large open dance space where I want to capture either a group or an individual dancing. I would quite like the idea of having just one figure doing various moves and have her/him spaced out around the dance studio in my photo-real image to portray many figures. I would then like to have numerous images indented in the walls and the floors (leave mirrors bare) of the dance studio that represent the horror of the Great War.

. I want it to look like this figure is dancing in room that is surrounded by stories (memories) from World War 1. This could include a group of men posing for a shot, a family, and poppies, anything that can be a representation of World War 1. I would like to have each image faded (rustic) in the walls of the dance studio to essentially make them look like they are old images from World War 1. In terms of taking photographs that could portray World War 1, I will need to head out to one of the army bases, such as Waiouru Military Camp and Ohakea RNZAF Base. I will also take photographs of poppies as they have been used since 1991 to commemorate soldiers who have died in war.

The main communication objective is to make sure my photo-real image demonstrates dance as an expression for commemorating historical events, specifically in relation to war. Everyone can relate to war in one way or another so I think portraying my message in my photo-real image should hopefully be quite clear. As like choreographer Shona McCullagh said the dance production was about connecting people from all walks of life”.


One thought on “Communication Objectives

  1. I really like your idea and article you have chosen. I think the war combined with dance will be a great juxtaposition and will make for a very interesting final image. It could be worthwhile playing around with colour as well. For example the dancer could be very clean looking, perhaps wearing pink or white, and then contrasted to the darker walls. I think your idea is also very fitting with ANZAC day approaching.


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