Research Post #1- Effective Visual Communication Examples

“Every new project is a new challenge and the goal is to realise it as realistically as possible” Erik Johansson I came across Erik Johansson, a photographer and retoucher from Sweden, based in Berlin, Germany. He believes he goes by the belief that he doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas. Erik’s images can consist of hundreds of photographs, however he always wants his images to look as though they could have been captured. This is the approach that I need to keep in mind when producing my photo-real image. He believes he uses photography as a way of collecting material to realize the ideas in his mind. His work is amazing and the high- skilled retouching of various photographs makes it look almost real! I hope that by the end of the this course I develop similar skills to Erik, so that I can eventually produce work close to his level. I came across many pieces of Erik’s work, however I have just included a few of my favourites. cover-up  creative-photo-manipulation-erik-johansson-2 creative-photo-manipulation-erik-johansson-3   endlessreflections   self-act thearchitect


3 thoughts on “Research Post #1- Effective Visual Communication Examples

  1. I really love your idea because i love dance my self but where are you going to take photos like this ? are you going hire a dance room because that could be another cool idea to put into you work or even out side on a big grass field. other then this go for i think you will do great. 🙂


  2. Johansson’s work is incredible and I think his images are great sources of inspiration for the kind of image we have to create. Are you hoping to incorporate some of his methods in your piece?


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