Concept Thumbnails

I have attached rough concept thumbnails for what I am thinking of constructing for my photo-real image. The poppies in each drawing is a representation of war images. I will have other representations of war as well, just easier to show just poppies in each thumbnail to get across the idea.

Rough Thumbnails


3 thoughts on “Concept Thumbnails

  1. Interesting idea combining dance with war, to me it looks like the way your dancer poses will communicate the most meaning in the image, and the objects you use to surround her/him will be there to accent them. So in showing the horror of war maybe it could be an idea to make the dancer look like they’ve been through the war e.g lost limbs?


    1. That’s a really good idea! I will consider that. I Was definitely going to make my dancer look really dramatic but actually showing her in a way that looks like she has been through war is something I will defiantly consider. Thanks heaps for your input!


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