Research Post #2- Texture and Blending

Texture and blending are important components in relation to my image. This is because I need to be able to change and alter the texture of my photographs, so that they appear natural with the rest of the photograph. It is important that I get this right as part of my photo-real image is having photographs indented on the walls and floor boards. Like we have been taught in class I will need to play around with different blending and texture tools in order for it to look photo-real. Some of the tools I will consider is overlay, lighten, soft lights and multiply, as Justin mentioned that these particular sort of blending/ texture options will looks best for my photo-real image. I will also consider the brush tool to help it blend into the walls better.  I had a look online and found some really effective examples. I have attached a couple of images below which I believe uses texture and blending effectively in order to get create what appears as an effortless photo-real image.

ce12 Creatively-Edited-Photography-5


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