Source Photos

These are the photos I intend on using when producing my photo-real image. I was lucky enough to visit the Waiouru National Army Museum and take many relevant photographs to this assignment. 

20150407-IMG_4646 20150407-IMG_4657 20150407-IMG_4662 20150407-IMG_4664 20150407-IMG_4674 20150407-IMG_4681 20150407-IMG_4682 20150407-IMG_4684 20150407-IMG_4686 20150407-IMG_4688 20150407-IMG_4691 20150407-IMG_4698 20150407-IMG_4704 20150407-IMG_4705 20150407-IMG_4707 20150407-IMG_4708 20150407-IMG_4713  20150407-IMG_4718 20150407-IMG_4722  20150407-IMG_4727  20150407-IMG_4731 20150407-IMG_4736 20150407-IMG_4738 20150407-IMG_4739  20150407-IMG_4752 20150407-IMG_4753   Rach in black 2 Rach in black Rach in white


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