I haven’t progressed as much as I would have like to. I find Photoshop very complicated and therefore I am moving at a very slow pace! So far I have combined two of my dance studio photographs together. One side represents the drama and horrors of war, while the reflection in the mirror is the ballet dancer as normal. It’s the idea of how you feel when you are dancing where you literally are dancing to express, in this case to commemorate World War 1. Its literally showing dance as an expression, but then you can see through the mirror reflection that obviously it is not really like that. My next step is to have the images of war indented into floors boards and walls, as well as focusing on lighting to create a drama and horror, as ultimately the dancer is dancing to express the pain and the sadness many felt and went through in World War 1.

progress in photoshop


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Hey great concept. So far subtle, but still very effective. I can’t wait to see the images indented on the ‘war’ side of the image. Maybe you could play around with light and dark, the war side could be darkened up a bit, whereas the other side in the mirror is lighter of has a certain glow to it? Creating an emphasis on positive/negative. Just an idea, looking forward to seeing the finished image. 🙂


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