Research Post #5: The Importance of Composition

Composition is important as it is the placement or arrangement of elements to form a whole. It is an important design element that I’ve needed to keep in mind when producing my photo-real image. Although we have talked a bit about composition in class I enjoy refreshing the brain and having a look at blogs, academic sites and so on that discuss different visual elements like composition. I stumbled across an article which created ten tips to keep in mind when thinking about photo-composition. They included:

  1. Simplify the scene
  2. Fill the frame
  3. Aspect ratio (This is about adjusting the position and experiencing in a new style)
  4. Avoid the middle (I found this rule interesting, but they believe it can create a boring, rather static image)
  5. Leading lines (This is about using lines to control the way people’s eyes move around a picture)
  6. Use diagonals
  7. Space to move
  8. Backgrounds
  9. Creative with colours

AND……. My favourite

  1. Breaking the rules!

I find each tip very useful when thinking about the composition of my photo-real image. I have also included an example of simple effective use of composition.

colour photo compostion hshaphoto


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