Research Post #4: Lighting and Colour

Lighting and colour will be very important elements in my work as they will help get my mood and meaning across effectively. When producing my photo-real image I need to keep in mind the photographers job, which is to capture light into a still image. Together, both colour and lighting help create a dramatic and unique composition. I stumbled across an article online that talk’s in-depth about lighting and colour. It mentions that you must always consider the mood of the scene; how harsh or soft, cold or warm, high or low before making the decisions on how to pursue. Below are great examples of using colour and lighting effectively, while still remaining photo-real in the way they have been edited.

atlarge,visual,city,elephant,illustration,5-81d45a455831483b27ce0ccf31403538_h Elephant_by_Tommy92c

I have definitely kept that in mind when thinking about the most correct and effective way I need my lighting to be. My lighting will be a mix or harsh and soft as the mirror reflection will appear a lot darker and more dramatic than the other side. This will hopefully immediately create the mood of the intended scene. Colour again is just as important as lighting because if utilized correctly it should help me convey the intended emotion and messages hidden within my photo-real image.


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