It’s looking really good so far. I get what you mean by de-saturating the background as it does slightly de-tract from the main part of the image. Could you make the tree or book slightly bigger? Will also capture your eye a lot more when you do have the roots of the tree blending in with the book and down the front images, I think that will make a large difference. Otherwise I think you have a strong image. Good luck!

I really like your human evolution inspired thumbnail and think this could be a really clever way of getting your message across. I like this one because it can still appear photo-real more so than some of your other ideas (which are still really great!). It would be quite cool to have each girl holding an object…to show what she loves and as she gets older it becomes social media. Other than that you seem on the right track and I think whatever you choose to do will turn out great! 🙂

I really like your first and second idea. I think that it would be cool to make the man more like a large dark figure, rather than disguising him as I think that would create more horror and danger around this topic. You could switch the figures around so have him at the back of the image shadowing over the women. I think you could also make concept two very visually captivating especially with the hands coming out of the walls, but you would definitely need the GPS symbol above her head just to make it that little bit clearer. I think which ever idea you choose will turn out great! Good luck! 🙂

Great drawings! Helps me understand your ideas straight away. I really like the one of the hand squeezing out product which results in a snail. It would be quite cool to slowly have the hand cream turn into snails, so by this I mean have a couple of snails actually in the hand cream, resulting in the large snail at the end. Hope that makes sense! Whatever you choose to do will turn out great. All really effective ideas about what you are trying to communicate. Good luck! 🙂

Great work Tom! Can’t wait to see the final version. The only thing I really notice about this image is the lighting. I think it would be great to have the shadow coming over the figure as appose to the beach, as he is pulling on this large building. I think it would create a stronger visual. Other than that I think you’ll do great and I look forward to seeing the final image!


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