Do’s and Don’ts of Colour

I came across a really great article that discusses colour in relation to infographics. It discusses how colour is a very important in the world of infographics and the difference a colour palette can make is amazing. The right colour palette can help organise an infographic and reinforce the topic. The wrong palette can result in what was a great topic conveying the wrong message.

It goes on to then state how it is important to consider what would look good online, mentioning how dominate dark colours and neon typically don’t translate well online. Neon on black can be hard to read, especially if there is a lot of data. They also mention how you should try to avoid white as a background colour. This is because if you were to imagine in on a website or blog (mine has a white background) most are white as well, making it hard to decipher where it starts and ends.

I found it handy to know that if I am struggling with picking a colour palette then to stick to the rule of three, meaning choose three primary colours. The background colour should be the lightest of the three while the other two should break up the sections. They then mention how if you need to use other colours then to use shades of the three main colours, as a way of keeping the palette cohesive and calming.



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