Recently in class we discussed semiotics- ‘the study of signs’, as this is something that is relevant to our second assignment. Semiotics focus on how the mind interprets meaning in imagery and play a very important part in visual communication. This is because semiotic analysis identifies signs within a text and the codes within which these signs have meaning. This is something that is important to keep in mind when creating an infographic as you want to use signs approximately and correctly in order to convey the intended message.I came across a few great diagrams which simply outline all you need to know about semiotics, however what I need to keep in mind are the physical forms of signs.

As we learnt in class and evident in this diagram there are three types of signs. First to mention is iconic signs which deliberately represent something truthful to the real world, through its physical resemblance. Then there are symbolic signs, which are learnt culturally. Last to mention is indexical signs, which have a logical common sense connection.When piecing together my infographic I will need to keep in mind the various symbols and how I will graphically present them in a manner that’s quickly and easily understood. I have included one of the infographics that I came across.



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