As I am about to start producing my infographic it is important to know what to keep in mind in terms of layout. I came across a great article which gives you a layout cheat sheet in order to get the best out of visual arrangement. Firstly they discuss how good visual arrangements will put together visual and graphic elements in a manner that draws your readers attention.

It then discusses how whitespace matters to create visually engaging content. This is because a page full of text and image will look crammed and busy, making the content difficult to read. On the other hand too much white content can make the page look incomplete. As we have learnt in class and evident in this article visually engaging content is usually clean and simple.

As stated in their article it is important to note that my infographic should have story to tell and from that I will pick a layout that best suits my story. The correct layout will ensure readability and convey the message effectively. The cheat sheet which I have included below outlines different layouts depending on your infographic topic, however important to note that there are many types of layout and these are just a few basic ones.



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