Progress #2: Rough plans for infographic

After looking through various articles I have chosen just 10 easy and simple tasks which I will include in my ‘How to help save the Planet’ infographic.

1. Recycle Glass

2. Bananas don’t need bagging

3. Say goodbye to bottled water

4. Don’t recycle plastic bags

5. Wash clothes in cold

6. Take shorter showers

7. Turn lights off

8. Buy in season

9. Donate unwanted goods

10. Stop wasting paper

I have included pictures of my layout below. I plan to have each symbol in the little circle (representations of the planet) and the title beside. I will also include a little bit of writing about each task.

plans for infographic


One thought on “Progress #2: Rough plans for infographic

  1. Hi! Great idea. I love the symbols placed in hands, very effective… can’t wait to see how you execute these in Illustrator. Maybe in your layout you could have the globe (bigger) as the centre of your infographic with the steps working clockwise around it? May give a clearer message of ‘if you complete these steps it will help save the planet’. Just an idea anyway, can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂


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