Hey! You have some interesting and array of topics to pick from! If you haven’t decided on one yet then I think it would be cool to do how to wash a car or how to make a cocktail, as I feel like they would be very visually pleasing. If you’re still unsure about what to do then google is really good for finding a topic, here’s a link Good luck! 🙂

Hey! The smoothie looks delicious! Will have to try it sometime. I think that the thumbnail on the right is better, as I like the blender as a main feature of your infographic with the ingredients around it. I do like how in the left thumbnail you have the ingredients in the blender. You could still do that in the right thumbnail? Goodluck with the rest of your assignment, I am sure it will turn out great with whatever you decide on! 🙂

Hey, you have a nice array of topics to pick from! I really like either T2 Teas or How To Vanquish Voldemort.I think visually you could have a lot of fun with How To Vanquish Voldemort, as I can imagine it looking sort of like a comic book style layout. I think it would be worth researching comic book style typography etc. For example ‘Avada Kerdava’ In comic book typography. Just an idea anyway! I’m sure whatever you decide will turn out great. Good luck! 🙂

 Hey, nice work! I really like your 6th one because I think that the graduation cap and the plane in the ‘A’ really fit with the theme of education and studying abroad. I think that font works really well too. The only thing I could suggest would be playing around with different fonts and adjusting the ‘A’ (by this I mean seeing what it looks all leveled). I also think the orange goes really well, so it could be nice to incorporate the orange somewhere else in the image such as the graduation string. Good luck! I’m sure whatever you decide will look great! 🙂

Nice work Tom, its looking really great! Loving the font choice, suits your topic a lot and like you said it works well with the artistic nature of your ‘How to’. I think that your background colour should be some sort of earthy tone, such as green or brown. They are the sort of colours that spring to mind when I think about dinosaurs. I’m sure whatever you decide on will look great anyway!


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